Tom Wadley


The following is a collection of side projects and digital art collaborations that I have managed to get onto Github or at least release publicly. It isn't particularly representative of the sort of work I do during the day, nor is it an exhaustive list of everything I've worked on in my spare time.

Prepare for Die! 2022

Our entry for the GMTK Game Jam 2022. A collaboration with Rosa Nussbaum. Built in Unreal Engine 5. A mirror of the code without the art or UE uasset files is available here.

Prepare for Die! screenshot

ShipGDX 2018-2021

Link coming soon

An Android/Kotlin port and expansion of my 2010 JavaScript game ship.js, this time using the libGDX game development framework.

nvm package for the Arch AUR 2015 - present

A popular Arch AUR (Arch User Repository) package for nvm (Node Version Manager) which is a bash script to install and use multiple node.js versions locally

My Provisioning/Deployment Code 2014 - present

These are the ansible playbooks and roles I use to provision my servers and deploy the various sites I maintain to them (such as this site).

Saunter 2014 - 2016

A point-and-click style game inspired by Myst. The game is web based, written in JavaScript and runs entirely client side requiring only a web server to host the static files.

This code was used for an art project in collaboration with Rosa Nussbaum, commissioned by 12ΓΈ Collective in 2016.

See the work here. Or see the work stand-alone here.

There is an older demonstration available here running a "static" mode map. See the readme on github for more details.

Saunter screenshot 2014 - present

This website, built with Jekyll and Bootstrap. A replacement for my old website which has been around largely unchanged since about 2003.

ResxDiff 2012

Helps you deal with your growing number of .NET Resource files by quickly showing you the differences and similarities between them as well as performing simple operations on them.

ResxDiff icon

ship.js 2010 - 2011

ship.js is a 2d top scrolling arcade style game written in HTML5/JavaScript

It's based on VB6 game I wrote in highschool (see below)

It takes an XML "mod file" and a canvas element as input. The mod file describes the enemies, weapons, images and sounds that should make up the game. A playable level is then generated based on simple provided generation parameters.

There is a playable demonstration here

Ship (VB6) 2003 - 2005

This is an arcade style game I wrote in VB6 which I used to hack on every now and then at school when I should have been doing something else. I probably worked on this between about 2003-2005 when I was 14-16 years old.

Darwin (Natural selection simulator) 2001

A simple natural selection simulator/demonstration I made in VB6 for a school science project in 2001 when I was 12.